Look Out!

“Club back slowly, 10 degrees on the inside, left arm straight, heals down,  weight 75% to the right, knees flexed, club parallel at the top, start downswing with left hip, right elbow to right side…”   The club descends finding the turf  5 inches before the ball, cleaving an 8 inch ‘pelt’ that flies further than the ball.  “Golf is the devil’s game!,” I mutter to myself.

Mechanical thinking in sports is called “paralysis by analysis” and it’s not helpful in golf or in life.

In navigating the masculine journey, a certain amount of introspection is necessary, especially when dealing with a problem whose solution is not readily evident.  But for many, introspection can be a chronic turning of the analytical faculties of the mind inward on the self, leading to a debilitating paralysis of the will – the will being the masculine part of our selves that pierces through difficulties,  initiates action, and solves problems creatively.

When the temptation to be overly introspective is upon us, it is useful to get outside, to look out upon a tree, a flower, or the clouds in the sky.  Look up, breath deeply, feel the wind on your face, and the earth under your feet.  For a while, let go of the temptation to analyze a problem.

It takes practice to do this, but it is amazing how quickly one can recharge one’s emotional batteries by taking a 15 minute ‘perspective break.’   It is equally amazing how solutions to problems simply pop into one’s mind after stepping outside of analytical thinking.

So, look out!  And remember, life, like golf, is a target game; choose your goals and swing away!

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