“Go to the Edge!”

“Go to the edge,” I pushed them,  “that’s where the growth is.  It’s at the edge where we meet ourselves and our brothers.”

Steve, in his late 60′s and still possessing a full head of hair, opened up first talking about his struggles at work with a manager with whom he was completely at odds.   With each sentence, the anger built in him, it was evident he had been holding onto this in a long time.

“I either have to talk with him, go to the president of the company, or work it out in myself.”

“With the level of frustration, I see in you, Steve, I don’t think working it out in yourself is an option.”   His shoulders slumped and he nodded agreement.

Another man, John, to his right, an accomplished executive in his 70′s said, “I’m not sure going to the president will solve it either.  When the guy finds out you went around him, he’ll be some angry with you.”

“is there another way?” I asked, “a solution not so drastic?”   He looked puzzled.

“You mean talk with him, directly?”  Based on the look of fear on his face, this did not seem a good solution,

“Yeah, but why not just address one issue, instead of eating the whole elephant in one bite?”   With the help of the other men in the circle, he decided to take a shot at confronting his manager, even setting up a time to practice the meeting with one of the guys in the group.

“I’ve never talked about this with other men,” he said with relief and power.  “I never knew it could be such a relief to talk these things out with other men.  I felt so weak not being able to confront my manager, but now I know I need to do it.”

Experiencing the liberation of a man trapped in a difficult situation, released by opening up about what was happening in his life, was good for all of us.

“How did it feel to share your struggle in your circle?” I asked.


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