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Between Sanity and Insanity

In those days, the strain of long hours of meditation – “hard practice,” as Sifu Dr. Kim called it – began to take a toll on my psyche. In the early days of meditation, I simply was learning how to meditate, was simply learning the breathing, the play of thought and feeling, and the physical  Read more

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Good Grief

Ten years ago, I did a TV interview with Tom Golden, author of “Swallowing a Snake, The Masculine Side of Grief.”   Tom is a therapist and an expert in the masculine side of grieving.   Of the many things I learned during our interview, the two things that struck me most were that men grieve differently than women, and that we  Read more

August 12, 2019 in Blog Post by Patrick O'Connor

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Up From The Deep

The wine flowed all too freely during and after dinner at Tim and Sandy’s. As if glass upon glass of cabernet-sauvignon washed away my interior dam of reticence, I opened up to my brother and sister-in-law, allowing my frustration and angst to flow freely from the reservoir of my deep hurt, complaining that my father Dennis  Read more

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Seeing The Ox

After struggling with the ox for some time, maybe years – decades even – the day comes when the ox is identified and, if one is wise, accepted. This is the time of putting a ring through its nose, and with a whip, it is kept from running about, pulling us this way and that.  Read more

August 5, 2019 in Blog Post, Book Excerpt by Patrick O'Connor

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