The Old Lady From Calgary – Book Excerpt

The early fall evening was warm and the lower forests of the Bow Valley still yellow, as I drove the winding road up to Dr. Kim’s house for meditation class on Cougar Creek Crescent in Canmore.  I was still excited about meditation class at Dr. Kim’s, despite the fact that it was painful to sit  Read more

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To Know the Interior Presence

Lord Jesus, when we offer up to you our broken hearts, you yourself come to console us in our sorrow.  It is by your very real presence in us, in our hearts, and in our souls, that we find you and the love that heals us.  This is why a life of interior prayer is  Read more

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Zen Martial Arts Lesson One, Book Excerpt

I was really excited to go to my first martial arts lesson at the Canadian Rockies Zen Centre.   I walked in the door and met 5 other men between the ages of 24 and 50.   We all were given white martial arts uniforms and white belts to go with them.  Sifu Dr. Kim,  Read more

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Jumping Off A Cliff, Book Excerpt

Having signed up for my classes, I committed to 3 nights per week of Zen practice: martial arts Tuesdays and Thursdays and meditation classes on Wednesdays nights, 7:30 sharp.  Just $60 a month for spiritual enlightenment- and, I would get in shape and learn how to beat people up too (or at least defend myself  Read more

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A Most Unexpected Visitor, Book Excerpt

Author’s note: this is a true story.  It happened to me over the July 1st long weekend, 1985.  I have been reluctant to publish it, thinking it was too ‘out there’, but it did in fact happen. “We’re sending you to New York – Newark, New Jersey. Your group leaves from Toronto at 8:00p.m., Friday  Read more

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Crossing a Threshold, Book Excerpt

There was nothing in the air, nothing on my mind or in my heart that morning, that gave me even the slightest impression my life was about to change forever. It was a mid-spring day, May 14th, 1987, and, not having to work until the afternoon, I went for a walk to Main Street, Canmore,  Read more

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“Go to the Edge!”

“Go to the edge,” I pushed them,  “that’s where the growth is.  It’s at the edge where we meet ourselves and our brothers.” Steve, in his late 60′s and still possessing a full head of hair, opened up first talking about his struggles at work with a manager with whom he was completely at odds.  Read more

November 24, 2014 in Blog Post by Patrick O'Connor

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Falling in Love is Easy

On a hot summer evening in Banff, Alberta, a man can fall in love twice walking Banff Avenue between Wolf and Buffalo Streets – three times on a Sunday. A woman’s beauty, her curves, sparkling eyes, the flash of a sudden smile, can be for a man like a shooting star streaking across the night  Read more

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“Who Are You?”

In my Zen days in Canmore, Alberta, my teacher Sifu Dr. Kim would look at me sternly, crunching his eyebrows, and say, “Do Chun (my Zen name), you have a big ox.  You must find your ox!”   And I would look back at him earnestly and with all seriousness, nodding my head in the  Read more

August 8, 2014 in Blog Post by Patrick O'Connor

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“Offer It Up”

It was one particularly cold and dreary March day in 1971, (as only a March day can be in London, Ontario), complete with dirty melting snow banks, dead grass, and puddles.   Large matted snow flakes fell slowly to the ground, dissolving on contact, betraying a lack of enthusiasm for the winter that was passing.  Read more

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