To Know the Interior Presence

Lord Jesus, when we offer up to you our broken hearts, you yourself come to console us in our sorrow.  It is by your very real presence in us, in our hearts, and in our souls, that we find you and the love that heals us.  This is why a life of interior prayer is  Read more

April 10, 2016 in Blog Post by Patrick O'Connor

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From Strength to Strength

A man I’ve sat in circle with over the years has done a tremendous amount of healing from early childhood abuse.   In the safety of our circle, and with the help of a skilled counsellor, he has courageously released a lifetime of rage and frustration that had kept him timid and submissive.    He  Read more

March 7, 2013 in Blog Post by Patrick O'Connor


Navigating ANGER in the Masculine Journey, part 1….

Half way through the spin class, music blaring and everyone peddling at full speed, our leader James yells, “I AM SO ANGRY!”    Everyone laughs.   I’m not sure if James was really angry or just making a joke, but if he was angry, he was dealing with it in healthy way. In the navigating the masculine  Read more

June 6, 2012 in Blog Post by Patrick O'Connor


Haunted by Bobby’s murder: The Healing Journey of Juan Romero

Of the many fine writers at the National Post, Joe O’Connor is one of my favourites.  His story about Juan Romero, the busboy kneeling by the body of Robert Kennedy in that now iconic photo of American tragedy, is a profound example of the healing journey of a man’s heart. Juan Romero knelt before the grave in Arlington  Read more

February 24, 2011 in Blog Post by Patrick O'Connor

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